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My New Print Wall

Not long before leaving for Kenya I commissioned to have steel panels installed on my den wall. I’d seen a galvanized steel panel hanging in a gallery and it was a really interesting way to display a folio of an artists work. Hanging something similar from my ceiling was not a good option because I didn’t want any sway and making one panel big enough would probably be problematic for the elevator. So, we developed the idea to do three panels side by side. They measure 46″ x 60″ making the whole installation about 144″ x 60″

I am going to have fun with this. It gives me the opportunity to rotate around my prints without having to frame everything.

I just put up what I had printed to test out the various magnet options. Next step is to trim some edges up and play with the layout. To give a sense of size the larger prints are 17′ x 22″


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