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I’ve been thinking about how to write about my trip and post different pictures that I made. What I’ve found is putting together my favorite  images into a gallery doesn’t really allow me to delve into some of the different animal behaviors or to illustrate my thoughts about what I saw and experienced. So, I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently……

I spent last night copying over all of my images to my home desktop machine where I can work on large 30″ monitors and evaluate/edit the images more carefully. It’s just getting light here in San Francisco (even if I have been up for several hours) and  I still haven’t made it to the market to get some fresh food but am going to head out shortly before I get to work with the images.

More soon!

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Still Adding to the Galleries.

Today I worked on moving to a new Mac Book Air and really started to clean up some hard drives and get everything in order to sell off one of my notebooks. So, I finally took the next step forward in adding to the galleries. New work is in the Bay Area, Oregon and Golden Gate galleries. I’ve also added one of my favorite shots to the home page. We dubbed this  location at the Salton Sea in southeastern California the home of the Namibia trees. The thought came into our minds as it reminded us of the Country of Namibia where there are dead trees in the sand dunes. We went back to this location more than once in different light and the other work from that trip will make its way to a gallery very soon.


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Editing the Galleries

Just to get the site started and work out they layout, I set up a few galleries  and dropped some of my files in. But now comes the hard part. Self editing – deciding what should stay on my hard drive vs. what makes up a cohesive grouping for the web. Too few in a gallery and it seems incomplete. Too many and it is hard for the view to wade through to find the best shots. It’s going to take some time to get it all together but there should be some progress each day. It’s also a lot of fun to revisit my images from the past few years and think about the time and place.

A little bit of shooting this morning down in Gilroy…..it got very hot, very early. This shot feels more fall than summer…..Was there subconscious wishful thinking when I was deciding to make the picture?



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