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RAW Support

Capture One added RAW support for my camera today. Yippeee! (still no Adobe support) I had taken this shot in Chinatown and I decided to give the RAW file a try with the new software version. Thank goodness there is support now as this was to be one of my main cameras for Kenya and shooting RAW + jpeg is just a waste of space and slows the camera down a bit.
















Speaking of Kenya my friend and I are now foster parents to MUMBUSHI a two month old orphaned elephant. He was found by a farmer wandering alone. Elephants are very family oriented and need their mother for feeding for two years.  His parents were most likely killed by poachers. Sallie Jo and I will visit him at the orphanage on our free day in Nairobi. My own pictures to follow in about a month.



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A Walk Through Chinatown

I’m trying to branch out and explore (of course with a camera) the many varied neighborhoods around the city.  Today I decided to take a stroll through Chinatown. Most photos of the area that I like have been taken at night. I decided to give the daytime a try…..came back with very few images. A nighttime visit is definitely called for.




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