Still Adding to the Galleries.

Today I worked on moving to a new Mac Book Air and really started to clean up some hard drives and get everything in order to sell off one of my notebooks. So, I finally took the next step forward in adding to the galleries. New work is in the Bay Area, Oregon and Golden Gate galleries. I’ve also added one of my favorite shots to the home page. We dubbed this  location at the Salton Sea in southeastern California the home of the Namibia trees. The thought came into our minds as it reminded us of the Country of Namibia where there are dead trees in the sand dunes. We went back to this location more than once in different light and the other work from that trip will make its way to a gallery very soon.


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New iPhone Apps

It has been a while since I’ve spent time on the App Store looking around at photo apps. I downloaded a few tonight. For this photo  I used 3 different Apps for different effects. There are so many amazing treatments you can do to the photos, all right on the iPhone, and there is always the option to process further on the computer.

1) original

2) added peeling paint texture

3 ) desaturated

4) added grunge

Note: the original photo was not taken on my iPhone – I just chose it from one of my iPhone photo galleries to test the various apps.


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RAW Support

Capture One added RAW support for my camera today. Yippeee! (still no Adobe support) I had taken this shot in Chinatown and I decided to give the RAW file a try with the new software version. Thank goodness there is support now as this was to be one of my main cameras for Kenya and shooting RAW + jpeg is just a waste of space and slows the camera down a bit.
















Speaking of Kenya my friend and I are now foster parents to MUMBUSHI a two month old orphaned elephant. He was found by a farmer wandering alone. Elephants are very family oriented and need their mother for feeding for two years.  His parents were most likely killed by poachers. Sallie Jo and I will visit him at the orphanage on our free day in Nairobi. My own pictures to follow in about a month.



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A Walk Through Chinatown

I’m trying to branch out and explore (of course with a camera) the many varied neighborhoods around the city.  Today I decided to take a stroll through Chinatown. Most photos of the area that I like have been taken at night. I decided to give the daytime a try…..came back with very few images. A nighttime visit is definitely called for.




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Dinner plus sunset minus the moonrise

My friends called and invited me to dinner this evening. I grabbed a camera and went to meet them. I guess we technically could be celebrating Bastille Day but we went to a steak restaurant (delicious) and not to anyplace French (as if we would have gotten in).  The camera I grabbed was the XZ-1 as I am still working on learning it and it is small enough to put in my pocket (yes, it was a big pocket). I arrived a few minutes early and had a seat at the bar.

So, I do have the obligatory photos of lemons, limes and my gin and tonic. And yes, I do have a picture of Angela and Jason with the dark red restaurant walls making them look a bit sunburned. Always a little weird in the summer to finish dinner and still have be so light.  But it was eight o’clock so the sun should have been starting its rapid descent. Chrissy Field seemed to be calling my name to watch the sunset. The wind was blowing so hard I really did need to wait in the car and and hang out until the sun to dipped low enough to not completely blow out any exposure. Well when the wind blows fog does follow….but thankfully tonight it stayed pretty clear and the fog hovered in one small area over the Marin Headlands. I got some reasonable shots and decided to head towards Fort Point to get closer to the bridge only as I got closer the light got much worse.

After I turned around to head back home…..I was astonished and dismayed as I realized I was looking completely in the wrong direction this evening!  Looking back toward the city there was an amazing moon rising and it was still not too bright and it was well below the top of the tall buildings. I will have to live with that picture n emblazoned in my brain because I was driving and there was no place to stop and pull over. I drove around looking for another amazing vantage point, but sadly I had missed the photo op. I need to look up the moonrise information for tomorrow and maybe have another go at it!


I’ve added a larger version of this image in the Golden Gate Gallery.



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Getting ready for Kenya

In exactly one month I will be headed to Kenya for a photographic safari. I have no experience photographing wildlife with long  lenses (600mm +). So, the only real practical way to get experience is to visit the zoo. The morning was really foggy, the wet windshield wiper kind – welcome to San Francisco in July. The good news on the fog is it certainly evened out the light. Just made shooting a giraffe head in white sky a little bit difficult but I actually like the shot.

I managed to get a few interesting shots. It was very difficult to get rid of buildings, wire mesh and all sorts of other man made items in the frame. There is one shot there that gives a very good idea of why I’m not a fan of  zoos but….my big lesson from today’s outing…..I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO KENYA!




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Preliminary Tests XZ-1

Everyone I know has been on a search for the holy grail. The perfect compact camera. Small enough for a pocket (or at least a large pocket), a good array of manual controls, a fast sharp  lens, responsive (write times/focusing/startup) and just the right balance between the megapixel count and excellent image quality. For a number of years there were slim pickings but in the past two years the camera companies have taken note and they are all vying to be king of this category. There are credible cameras from Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Panasonic, and Olympus. The last entrant to this category is the Olympus and they seem to have listened to users when doing their designs. With a fast f1.8-2.5 lens, only 10 megapixels, and a lens sharp from corner to corner, a lot of photographers have taken notice. There is one more big bonus, the camera can use the excellent detachable EVF (electronic viewfinder) that debuted on the company’s higher end micro 4/3 cameras. So, I decided to give it a try first selling off two different Canon models (G12 and S95) to fund the purchase.

The new camera arrived today and I had a few minutes to get out and use it before charging up the battery. I probably only made a dozen photos and didn’t want to venture too far since I hadn’t yet charged the battery (which seems minuscule – I feel a spare or two will be in my future). Pulling the files up on the computer I was very impressed by the image quality. I have a lot more to work through to learn the controls and perhaps we are getting closer to the perfect compact. More to come….


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Editing the Galleries

Just to get the site started and work out they layout, I set up a few galleries  and dropped some of my files in. But now comes the hard part. Self editing – deciding what should stay on my hard drive vs. what makes up a cohesive grouping for the web. Too few in a gallery and it seems incomplete. Too many and it is hard for the view to wade through to find the best shots. It’s going to take some time to get it all together but there should be some progress each day. It’s also a lot of fun to revisit my images from the past few years and think about the time and place.

A little bit of shooting this morning down in Gilroy… got very hot, very early. This shot feels more fall than summer…..Was there subconscious wishful thinking when I was deciding to make the picture?



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Daily Vision

I’ve decided to start this blog after thinking back to 2010 and a daily photo project that I embarked on. I found a sensational website called Blipfoto which is a picture a day/blog community. I made it through nine full months and then one night in October I fell asleep early and missed my picture for that day. It led me to take a break from the project and I regret doing that. My photography definitely suffered. I also, very surprisingly, enjoyed the blogging aspect of the project. So, I thought I would get my new blog started with a gallery of some of the shots from Daily Vision my Blipfoto journal




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