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It’s been a while since I posted. When I came back from Kenya I was just starting a new job at a great tech start-up ( I’ve spent years waking early to watch CNBC and get myself up to speed on the news of the day and how the markets would likely open. On the west coast this generally was something between 4 and 5AM with conference calls often starting around 6AM. Now in the new role my hours are about 10AM until easily 7-8 at night. So, I’ve been working on making some changes to my internal body clock and also trying to get more done in the mornings before leaving for work. So, in this process the blog and website suffered. However, have no fear, my knack for getting new gear and testing out new cameras is still alive and kicking. Current new cameras include the major upgrade to the camera in the iPhone 4S, the Sony NEX 5n and the surprising Fuji X10. A lot to talk about.

Just a few days after the release of the iPhone 4s I went to the first iPhone workshop and conference called 1197 held in San Francisco. 1197 is significant as it was when the first mobile images were transmitted. In those 14 years a lot has happened and we now have the iPhone at the number one camera for uploads to Flickr. The number of Apps and processing options available right on the phone is amazing, add in what you can do on the iPad and we are in some very exciting times. At that conference I was introduced to some of the pioneers and great iPhone artists. This is an area of photography that really interests me so look for more as I try out new creative techniques.

Some simple little trials with different Apps:

Next up is the Sony NEX 5n. I was an early adopter of the NEX 5 cameras in 2010 when they debuted. I used them pretty extensively along side my Sony A900 when I was in Ireland. However, once I knew that I was going to Kenya I needed to figure out what gear I was going to use. I didn’t really own anything with the long 600mm reach I was going to need on Safari. In addition there wasn’t a viable option with NEX as the system was still in its infancy in terms of a robust lens offering. I went to Kenya with all micro 4/3 gear and 90% of the pictures were made with the 100-300mm lens.

All through the summer there were leaks about the upcoming NEX 7 camera and it looked so appealing. It finally launched right during my Kenya trip and I knew this seemed like just the camera for me. The right form factor, the right buttons, etc. As we all read the initial reviews and field reports excitement started to build but then disaster. Horrible flooding in Thailand that not only disrupted and devastated the lives of the Thai people it also severely damaged many of the factories in the area for Sony, Nikon, hard drive manufacturers and more. ¬†Suddenly no cameras were going to come. That didn’t upset me but the situation in Thailand along with the knowledge that this sort of flood was inevitable based on the country’s water management was depressing. I thought my kit was going to be NEX5 and NEX7 but once the camera supply started to dry up I decided to upgrade the 5 to the much praised new 5n model and use that until the NEX7 arrives.

All of this sounds so well planned until we get to the Fuji X10. I barely paid attention to the news when it was launched. However, as the release date got closer I started to take notice of the buzz starting to bubble up about this camera. You know curiosity got the better of me and I sold of some other gear I wasn’t using that much (I’m trying to make sure I sell gear before I buy new). Well the X10 has completely surprised and delighted me. I think it will turn out to be my favorite compact (small sensor) camera I’ve ever owned.

So that brings me to today, Thanksgiving. I’m in New Mexico meeting up tomorrow morning with Sallie Jo ( to do some shooting at Bosque del Apache, a winter refuge for a tremendous number of birds….yes, I know I’m not a “birder” or as Sallie Jo says “maybe not yet”. So, look out for more from me over the weekend. In the meantime….

Self portrait with the Fuji X10

My first out ing with the X10 – Farm Market at the Ferry Building



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