The Long Trek Home

I’m headed home from a fabulous trip to Kenya. Getting back takes a long time thank goodness for wifi on the layovers. Right now I’m in the lounge at Zurich airport with another 4 hours to kill. I took about 10,000 exposures on this trip. Granted I have multiples of many shots but shooting at 600mm or more in light that wasn’t always cooperative meant that I shot a lot in burst mode so I could assess later which was the sharpest shot. What does all this mean….I have a monumental editing task ahead of me! I did try and process a few shots with quick laptop edits each day so now that I’m back to a wifi network I can post those. One note that was amazing was cell phone/iPad coverage….FANTASTIC. Now I just need to work on a good way of uploading pictures from the iPad into a gallery for the blog.

OK here are some…..much more to come (images and thoughts) over the coming days.

One sad update…..Mumbushi the elephant that we fostered and is pictured in my last post sadly died a few days ago. Again I will write more about it when I arrive back home.

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  1. Posted September 13, 2011 at 6:07 PM by Joe Dasbach | Permalink

    The image of the 14 flamingos with the patches of grass is exquisite. Your trip surely was a great experience Thanks for sharing.

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