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An Update

My goal was to fully have my Kenya work edited and up on line. However, even though last weekend I set aside time to edit and post, I ended up curled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket with the chills. It turned to fever and sweats. Guess what those are all the symptoms of malaria. After getting blood tests thank goodness malaria was ruled out. I did end up with a small case of e-coli but have no idea of where, when and from what I got it.

So, this weekend I’m getting caught back up on the blog and galleries. Two new galleries were just added. Kenya in Color and Kenya in B&W.

I’m still actively working on my images so the galleries are still being edited. I’m also just getting started printing some for my photo wall.


Still Adding to the Galleries.

Today I worked on moving to a new Mac Book Air and really started to clean up some hard drives and get everything in order to sell off one of my notebooks. So, I finally took the next step forward in adding to the galleries. New work is in the Bay Area, Oregon and Golden Gate galleries. I’ve also added one of my favorite shots to the home page. We dubbed this  location at the Salton Sea in southeastern California the home of the Namibia trees. The thought came into our minds as it reminded us of the Country of Namibia where there are dead trees in the sand dunes. We went back to this location more than once in different light and the other work from that trip will make its way to a gallery very soon.


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New iPhone Apps

It has been a while since I’ve spent time on the App Store looking around at photo apps. I downloaded a few tonight. For this photo  I used 3 different Apps for different effects. There are so many amazing treatments you can do to the photos, all right on the iPhone, and there is always the option to process further on the computer.

1) original

2) added peeling paint texture

3 ) desaturated

4) added grunge

Note: the original photo was not taken on my iPhone – I just chose it from one of my iPhone photo galleries to test the various apps.


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RAW Support

Capture One added RAW support for my camera today. Yippeee! (still no Adobe support) I had taken this shot in Chinatown and I decided to give the RAW file a try with the new software version. Thank goodness there is support now as this was to be one of my main cameras for Kenya and shooting RAW + jpeg is just a waste of space and slows the camera down a bit.
















Speaking of Kenya my friend and I are now foster parents to MUMBUSHI a two month old orphaned elephant. He was found by a farmer wandering alone. Elephants are very family oriented and need their mother for feeding for two years.  His parents were most likely killed by poachers. Sallie Jo and I will visit him at the orphanage on our free day in Nairobi. My own pictures to follow in about a month.



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Editing the Galleries

Just to get the site started and work out they layout, I set up a few galleries  and dropped some of my files in. But now comes the hard part. Self editing – deciding what should stay on my hard drive vs. what makes up a cohesive grouping for the web. Too few in a gallery and it seems incomplete. Too many and it is hard for the view to wade through to find the best shots. It’s going to take some time to get it all together but there should be some progress each day. It’s also a lot of fun to revisit my images from the past few years and think about the time and place.

A little bit of shooting this morning down in Gilroy… got very hot, very early. This shot feels more fall than summer…..Was there subconscious wishful thinking when I was deciding to make the picture?



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