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Bosque del Apache

I have no aptitude in shooting masses of birds blasting off….but I do have a few days to learn with 40,000 snow geese 9,000 sandhill cranes in residence…..a small sample from today




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It only took about 29 hours from the time I left my apartment in San Francisco until my arrival at the hotel in Nairobl. The only thing I can say about driving in Nairobi is that it is totally insane. First up there is a ton of traffic, second up they are building a lot of new roads and it is a mess with a mix of new and old roads. Ever driven on a highway with 5 cars across but no lane markings? Five lanes is not normal it was just a small section. What is normal are crazy roundabouts that with people seeming to go in all different directions.

We had two twin boys now nicknamed the “double boy’s” that couldn’t sit still on the flight from Zurich to Nairobi. To blot them out I put my headphones on with loud music and a blanket over my head and managed to sleep for a good chunk of that flight….unfortunately, last night it left me pretty wide awake when I should have been sleeping (3AM-7AM Nairobi time.)

So in a few minutes I will desperately try and get some sleep. I have more to post from today but I will start out with two shots of our adopted foster child Mumbushi. He is now three months old and we saw him this AM and then again for feeding and bedtime with his keeper. He is tiny! Smaller than I expected. He elso still seems sort of sad and traumatized (His parents killed by poachers).

Tomorrow AM we head up to Samburu and really start our safari.



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