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Death Valley

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been incredibly busy at work and haven’t done a whole lot of shooting. Lots of shifting around of gear though. So, more to say about the gear soon but first up let’s talk about Death Valley. Just got back from spending a week there. My first time. […]

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More from Bosque del Apache

Up and out before dawn. Brrrr… was cold with a brisk wind blowing. Started at an area named the flight deck and watched the snow geese blast off for the fields and some food. Made a quick dash over to the ponds where the Snowhill cranes hang out. Then onward to brunch, back out shooting […]

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Bosque del Apache

I have no aptitude in shooting masses of birds blasting off….but I do have a few days to learn with 40,000 snow geese 9,000 sandhill cranes in residence…..a small sample from today      

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Finally an Update

It’s been a while since I posted. When I came back from Kenya I was just starting a new job at a great tech start-up ( I’ve spent years waking early to watch CNBC and get myself up to speed on the news of the day and how the markets would likely open. On the […]

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An Update

My goal was to fully have my Kenya work edited and up on line. However, even though last weekend I set aside time to edit and post, I ended up curled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket with the chills. It turned to fever and sweats. Guess what those are all the symptoms […]

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My New Print Wall

Not long before leaving for Kenya I commissioned to have steel panels installed on my den wall. I’d seen a galvanized steel panel hanging in a gallery and it was a really interesting way to display a folio of an artists work. Hanging something similar from my ceiling was not a good option because I […]

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The Cheetahs

This was my first safari. I didn’t know exactly what to expect or not to expect but experienced safari goers are pretty shocked by the fact that we saw three different cheetah kills. I’m not talking about driving up and seeing a cheetah eating something that they captured but rather we watched the cheetah assess […]

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I’ve been thinking about how to write about my trip and post different pictures that I made. What I’ve found is putting together my favorite ┬áimages into a gallery doesn’t really allow me to delve into some of the different animal behaviors or to illustrate my thoughts about what I saw and experienced. So, I’ve […]

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The Long Trek Home

I’m headed home from a fabulous trip to Kenya. Getting back takes a long time thank goodness for wifi on the layovers. Right now I’m in the lounge at Zurich airport with another 4 hours to kill. I took about 10,000 exposures on this trip. Granted I have multiples of many shots but shooting at […]

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It only took about 29 hours from the time I left my apartment in San Francisco until my arrival at the hotel in Nairobl. The only thing I can say about driving in Nairobi is that it is totally insane. First up there is a ton of traffic, second up they are building a lot […]

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